Humanity's Team Kansas City Launches!

Today was the first event of the new Humanity's Team Kansas City chapter. It was lightly attended but the overall turnout was extremely satisfying.

Interests of members include CwG and other book study groups, Free Hugs events, Yoga, Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Helping the Needy, Volunteer Work, and Art classes! This means there should be something for everyone at future events.

We had a volunteer for a study group that would be located in the Gladstone area (North of the River). If you are interested, please email me and we'll put you on that list.  Please include which books in particular you would like to study with your group (for example, Conversations with God or a completely different author).  Please also include the times and days in which you are best available. Thank you!

We will be announcing the next event soon. It will be after Thanksgiving and will be a service oriented event. We'll provide snacks and music and you will provide your service to others (and materials too)! We'll post more news on this shortly.

In the meanwhile, if you were wanting to get out and visit us and just couldn't due to scheduling, we'd still love to hear from you! Please email and let us know your available meeting times and we'll try our best to accommodate.  Until then, please have a pleasant and blissful week!

I have had a couple of requests for brochures that explain the HTKC movement a little more and I will have those at our next event. Thanks!

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