Is Kansas City the “heartland” of an imminent spiritual shift in consciousness for all of humanity?

Authored by Angie Lile, Co-Authored by Marcella Womack

Kansas City is a melting pot of religious diversity. Home to several World Religion headquarters, it has been hailed as an undeniable energetic space that many of its residents find sacred. But is it possible that Kansas City is actually an energetic center of what many people believe to be a spiritual and energetic shift in human consciousness? Could Kansas City be home to the 2012 Shift?

There are many people that believe this to be the case. On a visit to Kansas City in 1992, the last Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy, Thomas Banyacye, is reported to have said that a portion of the Prophecy contained an allusion to a time when a Sacred Circle of Nations would gather in the heart of this country. This ceremony would include representatives of all the indigenous peoples of the planet as well as the rest of humanity. This would mark, he said, the historical point at which humanity had renewed its promise to Mother Earth and was celebrating the return to the knowledge of the “sacredness of all Life.” During this visit, he shared his musing that he was himself feeling drawn to identify Kansas City and its surrounding area as the focal point for that momentous event.

The Church of the Christ of Latter Day Saints has a temple in Independence Missouri where they believe that the 2nd coming of Christ will actually occur.

“The Temple Lot, located in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, is the first site to be dedicated for the construction of a temple in the Latter Day Saint movement. The area was dedicated on Wednesday, August 3, 1831 by the movement's founder, Joseph Smith, Jr., and purchased on December 19, 1831 by his colleague Edward Partridge to be the center of the New Jerusalem or "City of Zion" after he received a revelation stating that it would be the gathering spot of the Saints during the Last Days.

The most prominent 2.5-acre section of the Temple Lot is currently an open, grass-covered field occupied in its northeast corner by a few trees and the headquarters of the Church of Christ (Temple Lot), which is not considered a temple by most adherents of that sect. No other structures (with the exception of monuments and markers and signposts) exist on the 2.5-acre section, although numerous important structures exist on the 63.5-acre section, such as the United Nations Peace Plaza, the Community of Christ Auditorium, the Truman Railroad Depot, the LDS Visitors Center, the Community of Christ Temple, an LDS Church stake center, and the Six Nations Tree of Peace.” (

Another prediction that came forth in 1973 suggests that America is to be the focus of “The Return of the Dove.” In map form both J.J. Hutak in the book “The Keys of Enoch” and author Gordon Michael Scallion show the outline of a great descending Dove covering the whole of the US and Canada and reaching down into South America. Kansas City is shown in the inner-most triangle making one wonder if Kansas City is not a major portion of this “heart center” in the activation of the transformation of the Earth.

News of our religious diversity is even found in our mainstream media such as the Kansas City Star by way of a writer who wrote recently:

“In 2007, Religions for Peace-USA at the United Nations Plaza and Harvard University’s Pluralism Project sought a town for their first national interfaith academies. They selected Kansas City for the term because we offered the enrolled professionals and students hospitable Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, and Buddhist congregations to visit, and speakers from other traditions as well.

A Harvard researcher said, “At the Pluralism Project, we consider Kansas City to be truly at the forefront of interfaith relations.” I believe one of several reasons for this is the proximity and influence of Unity, which has, since the time of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, validated wisdom found in faiths around the world.” (Harmony in a World of Differences: Interfaith Works- copyright 2011 by Unity Magazine and Vern Barnet Kansas City, MO)

Of course Mr Barnet is speaking of the Unity movement which observes all faiths and offers worship in all faiths and was initially initially founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1889 after Mrs. Fillmore was cured of her tuberculosis that she believed came through spiritual healing. Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri is their world headquarters and offers nonsectarian educational training for ministers who serve those who organize under the “term” Unity. (

Also celebrating the possibility that the Heartland is the epicenter of a global shift is spiritual master Panache Desai, who has invited well-known Author and Speaker, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith to help ground the energies that will facilitate this shift. Dr. Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, author of the award-winning book, Spiritual Liberation, and featured in the best-selling book and film, The Secret. His PBS Special, The Answer is You, is currently being aired nationally, and he has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live.

Michael Bernard Beckwith will be appearing at the Sheraton Overland Park Hotel on May 13, for a “transformative evening program together with Spiritual Master Panache Desai, who is hosting his ground-breaking weekend Global Gathering, ‘The Heart of Possibility.’” (according to Desai’s website).

On Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, Panache will present “The Heart of Possibility,” an experiential program open to all where he will usher in a new paradigm of love, collaboration and unity. Panache states that he “has been shown that the United States is the focal point of a paradigm shift – one where humanity will experientially realize that we are one consciousness expressing itself in 6.8 billion different ways. We are being vibrationally prepared to move from a planet divided by beliefs to one unified by the heart. Kansas City is the vibrational heart center for this shift. The more who gather in this sacred space of the heart – from different religions, paths and ideologies – the faster we globally embody this new experience of love, collaboration and unity.”

Whether or not Kansas City is the epicenter of the 2012 Shift is not really important to the light workers who live here. We have always simply been who we are and open to who other people choose to be. That is why Kansas City is such a friendly place.

Panache Desai has a large following of people who have experienced his programs and have found them empowering and life-changing, and his vitality contagious. He travels internationally offering experiential programs and workshops and has helped tens of thousands transform their lives. To learn more about him visit his website:

For anyone in the Kansas City area interested in ticket information for attending, “An Evening of Power, Presence and Possibility” with Michael Bernard Beckwith and Panache Desai on Friday Night, May 13: Advanced General Seating $45/At the door $55. Reserved Seating $100. VIP Package including Premium Reserved Seating $250. Purchase online at


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