Global Holiday Taking the World by Storm

Thousands around the World prepare for 3rd Annual Global Oneness Day on 24 October, 2012.

Global Oneness Day is not your average, ordinary holiday. Very similar in concept to Earth Day (which happens on April 22nd each year), Global Oneness Day was born from a movement to awaken the world to our connection to each other and to everything on the planet. Where Earth Day focuses on the health of our Planet, Global Oneness Day focuses on the force of love that holds us and the planet together. Each year, on October 24th, the planet will celebrate in many different ways, based on our own interpretation to what it means to be one with everything and everyone.

Global Oneness Day was first celebrated on October 24, 2010 after a group of people from the world-wide non-profit organization, Humanity's Team, delivered a petition to the United Nations Peace Ambassador, Anwarul Chowdry. Ambassador Chowdry sent a strong message that this was a movement that could spark something really special amongst the peoples of the world. He encouraged Humanity's Team to continue to raise the signature count on the Oneness Day Petition. From that point on it became a Declaration of Oneness and continues to grow in it's signature count.

Now on its third year, Global Oneness Day continues to grow as Countries around the world anticipate and plan for their events. In South Africa, the spirit of Ubuntu is celebrated with the support of Archbishop Desmond Tutu through a variety of activities which continue to draw in thousands of people. In Paris, France, a gathering of spiritual philosophers is set to occur while in Canada many large events are being planned in different provinces.

People around the world can celebrate Global Oneness Day in any number of ways. For example, The Shift Network and Humanity's Team is working together on a day-longTeleconference which is completely free to anyone wanting to call in and listen. Internationally-known speakers will be giving presentations about what it means to consider Oneness in the everyday actions of societies around the world, as well as the important scientific breakthroughs that have shown evidence that Oneness is a proven reality. These speakers include Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Carlos Santana, don Miguel Ruiz, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Bruce Lipton, just to name a few.

The Association for Global New Thought has also partnered with Humanity's Team in support of Global Oneness Day as part of its Season for Interfaith Intercultural celebration and has designed a Sunday Service for any New Thought centers who wish to participate. These services will incorporate videos that are submitted by participants around the Country which showcase what kind of activities are being done to celebrate. For example, our very own Humanity's Team in Kansas City gathers items for people in need as a way to be in service to their community and their video will be shown to gatherings in New Thought centers in celebration.

A website has been created to help anyone who wants to have their own celebrations:

Some examples include getting together in celebration, or to meditate, or to help others in need. Other ideas include doing little things to make people feel nice, like painting rocks with inspiring messages and leaving them around town or helping a neighbor with some yard work. People are encouraged to celebrate in any manner they choose, even if it's to help animals or the environment. Whatever way someone decides to celebrate, they are joining in with thousands around the world with a single intention, to make the world a better place. What better reason is there to celebrate?