Humanity's Team Kansas City set to provide crucial element to Global Oneness Day plans!

Last Fall, Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) and Humanity’s Team were delighted to announce their partnership in advancing AGNT’s Season of Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration (SIIC) in conjunction with HT’s Global Oneness Day Petition. It was a huge boost to Humanity's Team's presence and many celebrations took place last year for our 1st Global Oneness Day.

This year Humanity's Team has renued it's push to continue gaining signatures for what is now being called the "Global Oneness Day Declaration" and there are huge plans underway for our 2nd annual celebration. AGNT has again partnered with us in conjunction with their Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration and this year they are inviting groups all over who are coming together to do something on Global Oneness Day to send in a video about their event. The videos will be displayed during church services at AGNT centers on Sunday, October 23rd, all over the Nation and will help inspire thousands of people to do what they can the next day, Global Oneness Day on October 24th.

Learn more about this on AGNT's website:

So what can Humanity's Team Kansas City do to help? We'll be shooting a video next Sunday that will be placed on the main website as an example to any groups who also want to create a video.  Angie Lile, HTKC's team leader, is also the primary video producer for the Global movement and has been asked to produce this video.  The video will be viewed by Michael Beckwith and Neale Donald Walsch, who will also create a video to support the project.

Humanity's Team Kansas City is planning a great event for October 24, 2011 in celebration of Global Oneness Day and that is a "Share the Love" event. Plans are still in the works, but for the video we only need to show what we will be doing and we can do this without actually doing it. The plan is to meet at Angie Lile's home on Sunday, August 28, at 3pm for the video shoot. We'll just need some folks in the background looking busy, kids are welcome and needed to demonstrate the kid activities, and perhaps a couple of group shots where we tell everyone who we are: Humanity's Team Kansas City!

If you are interested in being in this video, please email Angie Lile at for details.

To read about our last "Share the Love" event, visit this link: